The Current Government of PML(N) has come into power for the third time to serve the needs of the Pakistani people. A few months back, the Chief Minister of Punjab had started the Orange Line Train Project in Lahore, which was already a topic of controversy in the city due to the inhabitants facing mental and physical distress alongside other diseases. People who had been affected by the digging of the previous tracks in order to make the metro bus were not impressed by the announcement of Orange Line Train Project and were compelled to do something about it. The major disadvantage is that ample amount of money, close to billions, had been spent on the construction of the Multan road which had to be demolished. The beauty of Lahore was unfavourably destroyed due to building of train tracks. Previously, people in areas such as the Macklod Road, Jam Mandar, Chauburgi, Yateem Khana, Niaz Baig Road were already going through a hard time and are now facing health and financial problems with the government unaware of the issues. 

Expensive properties and monumental buildings destroyed on the way to the Orange Line Train, created resentment and caused people to sign petitions which they took to the court. 

According to the CM’s statement, petitions at different courts have caused the government of Punjab to lose RS 60 million daily and this puts a burden on the government treasuries. The time limit given to the full construction of the train was the second quarter of 2018, but as the cost of the project exceeded the line is expected to be open soon. The fate of the historical buildings such as Shalimar Bagh, Chauburji, Minar-e-Pakistan and other tracks appears to look bleak. The question about whether people received the money by the government as compensation for the loss of their properties is being asked. These are definitely not the only problems, but are the most important. 

The project, no doubt is a success for C.M Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif but certain steps need to be taken till its completion. The Orange Train Line will be beneficial for the people and the country’s economy. 


Lahore, July 7.