Imran Khan (IK) embarked on a journey to rid the country of corruption and lawlessness two decades ago. He struggled alone for many years. People ridiculed him of being a failure in politics until a day came when same people realised that he was speaking the truth. Now leaders from different established political parties have started to join him because they came to know that people not only love him but also trust him and above all he is the only man who can change the lot of this country and get rid of all the mess spreading around. In the present situation every other person believes that only the PTI is capable of bringing honest and positive change in the country. This belief is not established within days rather it took a long period of twenty years and the untiring, selfless efforts of Imran Khan which convinced people about his love for the country. He never talks about himself rather he always talks about the people of Pakistan.

In 2013 general elections the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came to power and formed its government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).Imran Khan and his party used the opportunity and brought many major changes in the province. These changes are the harbinger of making KPK a model province and to revolutionize it on modern lines. Following are some of the major developments done in the KPK.

To maintain law and order situation, the police is the most impotent department. When the police is politicised, its performance decreases and crime rate increases. To maintain law and order the KPK government made the police an independent department and stopped all sorts of political interference. This change was also acknowledged by the IG of KPK. Now there is zero tolerance policy against corruption. Hundreds of police officials have been terminated and many demoted on complaints regarding corruption and misuse of power. Earlier, the appointments were made through political interference but now a merit based NTS test is being introduced for recruitment purposes. There are also many changes introduced in the working of this department. It has introduced a complaint registration system ‘Police Access Service’ via a simple SMS. The government has introduced an online FIR system, the first of its kind in Pakistan, through which a person can launch an FIR against anyone without any hazard and the police is bound to respond after verification.

Education is another important aspect which can’t be ignored. Unfortunately, in Pakistan education has become so much expensive that most of parents don’t send their children to school. The KPK government took major steps to improve the situation. The government recruited thousands of teachers by the NTS to improve the standard of government schools. It also introduced the independent monitoring systems to ensure attendance of both teachers and students. It monitors around 28,000 schools in the province. Resultantly, teachers are showing up in schools and those who don’t have been removed. Schools data is available online for the public to view. The entire education system is in the process to be unified to present one curriculum for all schools across the province. A Dawn-Herald survey conducted in 2014 showed that theeducation sector had shown a remarkable 70% improvement far more than other provinces.

Getting proper medical facilities is the right of every Pakistani. The KPK government did some revolutionary changes to improve the health system. The attendance of doctors in hospitals is made compulsory and patients have to testify that doctors are present in the hospitals to attend to their ailments. Medicine and treatment is now free in all government hospitals. The government also went through serious challenges regarding Polio and its resistance; they handled the issue and launched a Sehat Ka Insaf program. Besides, an SMS awareness campaign is also launched for free gynecological checkups and supporting medicines to pregnant women.

The biggest problem in revenue collection was corruption and the typical patwari culture was the major source. The government introduced a new patwari system by which the government has recovered Rs. 70 million and has sent hundreds of patwaris to jails for being corrupt. Now the system is far better than before. The government has also computerized land records and Mardan was the pilot project. With that the government has also introduced an independent Ethesab Bill to catch corruption. This will even keeps PTI’s ministers in check and as a deterrent from doing corruption.

Justice delayed is justice denied. The Peshawar High Court has introduced E-Citizens Grievance Redressal System through which the people of KPK and tribal areas get justice within hours. The PHC now receives complaints and applications just on a phone call, SMS or email through the Human Rights Directorate. The litigants receive reports on progress in their cases through phone, email or SMS. The HRD mostly deals with the cases of violation of basic human rights.

The government has also a serious commitment to solve electricity crisis and for that it has started numerous hydel and natural gas power plants. Some have completed and others are near completion.

To improve the environment of the province, the government has launched a massive 1 billion tree plantation drive across the province and is working on preserving our natural resources. For minorities, it has initiated a financial assistance scheme for the welfare of widows hailing from the minority Hindu community. Besides there lot of other reformative steps, like ‘Right To Information Act’ which allows the citizen to get government information to keep watch and catch corruption or non performance. Similarly, ‘Right To Services Act’, through which citizens have the right to ask questions about any public matter and government will be bound to answer that question in a prescribed time. Powers all the way down to the village level have been transferred through local government system. Above all it is also ending the VIP culture and has curtailed the KPK Ministers’ VIP protocols.

Had Imran Khan been hungry for power he would have made an alliance with any one of the status quo parties. But in fact he wants to bring positive change in Pakistan and rid us of the evils include inflation, terrorism, deaths and lawlessness. Under his leadership KPK is changing and there is clear direction. To fix the mess in Pakistan he should be tested on federal level. Under his leadership Pakistan will get direction to progress and prosperity.