Hayaat.pk is a digital healthcare solution that enables you to find doctors online and book your appointments using the website or app. It includes the features that meet all your basic healthcare needs and provides a digital solution to the problems.

Instead of having to wait for hours at hospitals and health centers, you can pre-book your appointments so your patient does not have to wait. You can locate nearest emergency centers in case of emergency needs and can reach out the matching blood donors as well.

Not just that, Hayaat.pk has introduced a number of other unique features, like its health forums where people can post their health queries and concerns and get answers from renowned doctors all over the country. The name of this startup has been taken from the Arabic word ‘Hayaat’ that means life. The purpose of this digital solution is to maximize the reach and access to healthcare facilities through the use of digital devices and to minimize the time incurred and problems faced in accessing these facilities in a conventional way.

Founded by Malik Usama, Hayaat.pk was launched in late 2017 with the idea of ensuring a quick and convenient access to healthcare facilities for all. The current situation of the healthcare sector in the country is not something to brag about and this is the reason why the need for platforms like Hayaat.pk is imperative.

Every hospital has patients waiting for hours to be attended by the concerned physicians. Some of them has more patients and lesser number of beds and then we get to see patients in the corridors and passages as well. A number of deaths occur on daily basis because of the non-availability of matching blood. Delays caused in arranging blood create so many medical complications that are then difficult to be handled later. These are considerations that drove the idea to develop a solution like Hayaat.pk.

In order to deal with this appalling situation, the Chief Executive Officer of Hayaat.pk, Malik Usama started working on a reasonable solution. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Hayaat.pk is a brainchild of Usama that came to life in his own room.

During the early days, Usama had to wear many hats as he was the sole designer and developer. Whenever he found some free time, he used to work on his dream project that took the shape of Hayaat.pk.

Hayaat.pk is a digital health platform that allows people access medical facilities in areas near them. It is a complete healthcare portal that allows users find a doctor with respect to specialty, book appointments instantly, locate nearest emergency center, find blood donors with respect to the blood group, ask questions to doctors, keep a track of their medical records, order medicines from the trusted pharmacies that Hayaat has collaborated with, get blood samples collected at home for the lab tests, and read informative articles on the Health Blog. In short, it is an end-to-end healthcare solution for patients as well as people in general.

Currently, the service is launched in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad but more cities of the country will be covered soon. One of the biggest challenges faced by Hayaat.pk in the early days was to get doctors on board.

“We had to visit each doctor personally and brief them about the platform. Most of the doctors wanted to know if the portal can offer any value in terms of growth and they found exactly what the need of the hour was,” says Usama.

“We live in a country where there is no check and balance on fake doctors – you can easily find many in remote areas of the country; even in urban areas. This is why we took every possible step to ensure that all the doctors affiliated with us are authentic and we consider it a big achievement,” he further informed.

Malik Usama was supported and guided by Mian Ali, co-founder of Hayaat.pk. Apart from this, he also heads several novel startups and business ventures, supporting young founders with their ideas, social impact, developing strategies and achieving operational efficiencies to maximise their value.

With Hayaat.pk, his vision is focused on expanding access to healthcare services by a simplified model that leverages the smartphones in everyone’s hand. Both Mian Ali and Malik Usama have single objective of making Hayaat.pk a leading digital health platform in the country and make medical facilities easily available to all.

People are benefitting from Hayaat.pk and getting access to affordable and authentic healthcare facilities. It has enlisted more than 500 trusted doctors that you can find through areas or specialties. Besides just finding doctors, Hayaat.pk helps you to find blood donors in time of need. There are more than 300 volunteer blood donors registered at Hayaat.pk who are just a call away.

In addition to doctors and blood donors, nearest emergency centers can also be located through the website and application. The portal uses GPS location to give you a list of all the nearby emergency centers and you can decide which one is most conveniently accessible from your location. It saves their time and effort that is otherwise put in availing healthcare facilities. The whole idea behind Hayaat.pk is to reduce this time and effort, because health urgencies are the scenarios where a person naturally cannot give any of these two and should not be even made to.

The digital portal is already on the road to success and is creating an impact in imparting healthcare services. Countless doctor appointments are being made through this portal each day and the number of online medicine purchases and lab tests orders is also increasing with the increase in popularity.

The features of Hayaat.pk are not just for the patients but aims to add value for the doctors as well. With this application, doctors can manage their appointments, follow ups, cancellations and maintain their medical records. The review feature at the website and application, where the users of the service or the patients review their visit with the doctor enlisted at Hayaat.pk, enable these doctors to build their own portfolios and profiles on the basis of good reviews. In seeking these good reviews, they naturally improve the quality of the service delivered as well. The future users too benefit from these reviews and feedback and are better able to make informed decisions in choosing the doctors.

The popularity of digital health platforms is mushrooming in Pakistan and within just several months, we have seen a big number of startups trying to transform this untapped industry. With the current progress, we can predict that the future of Hayaat.pk is going to be bright. More and more doctors are getting on board as well as labs and pharmacies are also showing a lot of interest in collaborating and getting registered with Hayaat.pk.

Hayaat.pk aims to play a vital role in making Pakistan a healthy country by providing authentic and affordable medical care services to the people. If the government supports this cause, it can prove to be a groundbreaking platform that will continue to serve those in need.