Minister for Law and Justice, Syed Ali Zafar has stressed the need for efforts at international level to tackle global phenomenon of religious intolerance.

Addressing an event on minority rights and freedom of religion in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said that people are being killed in different parts of the world in the name of religion, though no religion teaches intolerance.

The minister pointed out that personal vendetta and territorial or political objectives could be objectives behind violence being carried out against people in the name of religion.

He regretted that innocent people are being killed in Palestine, Myanmar and some other parts of the world in the name of religion.

Zafar further said that state has nothing to do with religion of any citizen; however, it will not allow any citizen to impose his views on others.

He said vast majority of Pakistani people believes in peaceful coexistence.

The minister underlined the need for including topic of tolerance in education curriculum. He said the society also needs to step in to promote religious tolerance.