OKARA-The opposition parties have connived to protect common interests and save the wealth they have looted during 30 years of their rule.

These views were expressed by Rao Sufyan Alam of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) during a media talk here the other day.

He said that the all the opposition parties were criticising rise in the prices of daily use items, adding that they had never suggested any solution to the problems of price hike, unemployment, etc. “All these problems of price hike and rapid decline of economy have occurred on account of the decades-long looting and plundering of national wealth by these opposition parties.”

He said that the rule of these parties was never a democracy, adding that the past rulers built palaces and purchased flats in foreign countries by looting national exchequer.

He said: “Imran Khan will not stop the process of accountability until the plunderers of national wealth reach their ultimate end.”