LAHORE - The Central Shoora of the Jamaat-e-Islami has termed the PTI government’s performance disappointing and said that failure of its economic, political, internal and foreign policies is a national tragedy.

A resolution adopted by the Shoora said that speed at which the government failed and lost popularity was itself a record and it was back to square one as far as its agenda was concerned just a year after coming into power.

It said that PTI’s promises like building 350 dams and five million low-priced houses, creating ten million jobs for the youth, plantation of ten billion saplings, curtailing state expenditure and ending protocol had become a dream.

It said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had been terming IMF loans suicidal but the government had accepted IMF loans on most stringent terms. The value of the rupee had fallen to a record low and the rise in the prices of electricity, gas and POL despite fall in POL prices in the world markets had angered the masses.

It said that the budget was being imposed through un-parliamentary tactics.

The JI Shoora said that flood of taxes had led to the closure of the textile and several other industries and the business community was highly disappointed. On the other hand, it said, the opposition parties had disappointed the people by giving priority to the release of their leadership to the economic issues.

Under these circumstances, it said, the JI had decided to play the role of real opposition and seeking relief for the poor masses. The JI Shoora said the impression that the political decisions were being taken not by the parliament but by some other institution was most disturbing.

It said that the statements of non political institution about the reference against Justice Faez Isa, heavy taxes on the general public besides the business community were mater of deep concern. The Shoroa demanded withdrawal of the reference against Justice Faez Isa.

The resolution said that the Prime Minister’s support to India for UN Security Council seat instead of lobbying against India’s unlawful occupation of Held Kashmir was a total deviation from the national Kashmir policy.