ISLAMABAD   -   United Group of ICCI Chairman Habibullah Zahid has said that the business community had rejected the proposed hike of trillion of rupees in the taxes, terming it extortion which will hurt the masses.

“We reject the move as it will make life difficult for the masses and the business community reeling under inflation and uncertainty.” Habibullah Zahid said that the government has failed to achieve anything and it has targeted masses to cover its inefficiencies. He said, “Army has voluntarily reduced its budget which has gone down very well with the masses and the businessmen and now we demand that politicians and bureaucracy should also sacrifice some of the luxuries in the national interest.”

He noted that Islamabad Chamber has been hijacked by a ‘qabza group’ since long which continues to bargain on the interests of the business community.   This group always ensures the election of incompetent to the top slots so that they remain dominant and their activities remain unchecked, he added. Habibullah Zahid said that one of the former presidents of ICCI has made shops worth million in the Super Market while other has doubled the size of his hotel in Blue Area by grabbing the state’s land.

Another noted former president of ICCI has occupied state land in Abpara Market while other elected officials of ICCI miss no opportunity to make money, he alleged.

He said that the ongoing operation of CDA against encroachments is partial and the officials of the civic agency will never illegal properties owned by the business leaders belonging to ICCI for obvious reasons.

He said CDA and some other departments continue to widen the gulf between the masses and the government which must be noticed.