ISLAMABAD   -   Pakistani parliamentarians’ cricket team vice captain and backbone of batting, Ali Zahid Khan, who is elected MNA from Pasror on PML-N ticket, has announced that Pakistani parliamentarians’ cricket team camp will start from 12th of this month at Diamond Cricket Ground after two weeks break for the upcoming First Inter-Parliamentary Cricket World Cup, which is scheduled to be held in England from July 8 to 15 this year.

Talking to the Nation on Sunday, Ali said it was due to Ramazan we had to call off the long camp and also few of main players got injured and they needed at least two weeks time to cure injury.

He said Speaker National Assembly Asad Qiaser will announce 18-member Pakistani parliamentarians’ squad, while two officials, one coach and one physio will accompany the team to England.

“I must say the amount of matches we had played had helped all of us a great deal, while the induction of provincial assemblies members had boosted our chances a great deal and now we have a very competitive squad. Zain as the captain is taking lot of pain and he is highly instrumental in ensuring the best facilities and top class coaching on offer for the parliamentarians’ team, while it would be highly unjustified if Asad Qaiser name is not mentioned. He spent lot of time during practice sessions and remains always present in the matches we have played. We are bearing all our expenditures through our own pockets and not passing on the burden on government or the PCB, as it is a service to country.”

He said captain Zain Qureshi is leaving for England and would be back in few days while the practice session will continue even during his absence as now less than a month has left and they need to start training, as too much rest could spell disaster for majority of players’, who have gained fitness and worked very hard in the nets.

“Now we will invite only 18 short-listed players, who would travel to England to represent Pakistani parliamentarians’ cricket team. We have identified grey areas upon which we will be paying special attention with the help of our coaches, who had spent lot of time with us during last month or so and it was their hard work, passion, dedication and motivational efforts, which resulted in we managed to assemble quality players and I am very much sure, these selected players’ won’t disappoint the nation and will do their level bets in the tournament.”

“As far as Pakistan national teams’ progress in the World Cup is concerned, it is too early to write them off, as we all know Pakistan cricket team is highly unpredictable. I consider Pakistan is unlucky that rain spoiled their chances of winning against Sri Lanka, I feel those were almost sure-shot 2 points in the bag. Now Pakistan team had to face the likes of Australia. Our best wishes and prayers are with Pakistan cricket team and they should play their natural game and leave the rest behind. We have number of match winners in the national side, who can win matches for national team with their individual performances.”

“As far as Pakistani parliamentarians’ cricket team is concerned, we have quality batsmen, some really quick bowlers and the thing which we lack is fielding and fitness. If we manage to hold onto catches, we will return with the trophy. We will pay special focus and attention towards aerial catches and improve fielding. We have still few weeks left to work and will try to depart to England at least a week early prior to the start of the mega tournament to adjust to the conditions and give our players’ time to settle down,” Ali concluded.