Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) on Monday demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan to “uncover his family assets” before the public.

The PPP leadership, reacting to PM Khan’s special video message, was witnessed criticising him and the current federal government.

Previously, Prime Minister Imran Khan once again urged the countrymen to avail the Asset declaration scheme before June 30.

In his addressed the nation, Premier took the people into confidence in relation to the financial situation as he spoke about the government’s agenda on tax reforms and measures related to the economy.

He reiterated his appeal to the nation to make use of Asset declaration scheme “in order to help the country stand on its own feet”.

“Public can declare their benami assets and accounts by 30th June. After this time, the opportunity will be no more available”, Premier said.

He added that the government has information about benami accounts and assets which has never been before it.