LAHORE  - Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz chief Nawaz Sharif said on Saturday no hindrance would be tolerated in the holding of next general elections. In a meeting with Jamiat Ahle Hadith Secretary General Hafiz Abdul Karim here in Raiwind, Nawaz said the accountability of corrupt rulers had become inevitable to secure the future of the country. He said all the parties would have to take decisions in the national interest, keeping their personal interests aside. He said the PML-N after coming to power would implement every single clause of its manifesto. "We want to take all the democratic forces along," he said, adding that the present rulers gave nothing to the country during the last five years except crises. "Due to this performance of the government the masses are not ready to bear them even for a moment now," he added.  The PML-N, Nawaz said, was fighting the battle of the country's survival.