SIALKOT - Sialkot Dry Port Trust (SDPT) Chairman Muhammad Ishaq Butt has said that prolonged power outage and low pressure of sui gas have adversely been hitting the industrial sector, trade activities and common man in the export-oriented city. The exporters' community has confronted with multiple problems due to unscheduled electricity loadshedding, putting future of the exports at stake in the hub of cottage industry.

Talking to reporters, the Dry Port chairman said that worst outages were adversely affecting the industrial sector of Sialkot as a result of which the exports were facing serious problems in fulfilling their international commitments. Ishaq Butt said that its seemed the government was intentionally doing this to damage the industrial set up of Sialkot. The overall productivity is at lowest ebb due to the loadshedding and on the other hand the foreign buyers are showing reluctance in giving new orders to exporters and considering shifting their business to other countries due to unstable condition of power crisis," he pointed out. He said that it would be a serious blow to Pakistan economy and ultimately it would not only lose international credibility but would also lose access to the international market if key foreign buyers shifted their business from Pakistan.

The SDPT chairman said besides, the unscheduled long loadshedding was also affecting domestic activities, students, small businessmen, persons working on daily wages, hospitals, clinics, tailoring shops and many other small businessmen were directly under the clutches of electricity loadshedding as a result of which patients, customers and general public were facing hardships.

Butt said, in this modern era, which is an epoch of economic war, most of the countries were providing concessions and incentives to their industrial sectors just to keep the economic wheel in top gear but unlikely in Pakistan the picture was very bleak and totally against as compared to the other countries because every day the imposition of taxes and increase in petroleum and electricity prices had become a permanent feature.

The SDPT Chairman said Sialkot was known globally for producing value-added and standard products but the government has failed in taking remedial measures for protecting the industry from load shedding and to avoid crippling of industrial sector there is an immediate need of providing inexpensive electricity to the industrial sector and urged upon the government that major industrial towns including Sialkot should be exempted from load shedding for larger national interests and  ensure smooth productivity.