The finance minister of the outgoing government kept people under the illusion that the country’s economy was on sound footing, but, in reality, he was juggling with figures and relying on heavy borrowing. The PTI promised, during the election campaign, that it would root out corruption and invest more on people than on projects that, though useful, are not urgent. However, so far, people continue to suffer under the heavy weight of inflation, with little reprieve in sight. The incumbent government, being new and unfortunately unprepared, is struggling to sort out the mess created by past governments. On one hand, it must rely on borrowing to retire debts and keep things moving. On the other hand, it must somehow take steps, difficult at times, for long-term strong economic reforms. The PML leaders sarcastically taunt the PTI for not being able to manage the economy and pushing people into hell in while promising them heaven in election campaign. They ought to understand that one must pass through purgatory to enter heaven. The country has been driven to this confusion by the collective negligence of rulers and the ruled, and can only be fixed by willingness and effort from both.


Islamabad, February 27.