It is shameful that CSS paper were leaked and sold hours before the examination. This scandal discloses the Federal Public Service Commission’s real face. I initially observed that FPSC is one of the best testing service all over the Pakistan, where meritocracy and transparency are valued. But the above scandal depressed all aspirants, including me.

CSS one of the toughest examinations in Pakistan. Aspirants continuously struggle throughout the year to be the part of Civil Service and to do something better for the nation. Aspirants should not lose their confidence, because our independent departments are there to investigate the suspects. The FIA team is appreciated, who registered a case against the suspects and unidentified students at the anti-Crime Circle Police station in Lahore. It is requested to the PM to pay attention to the FPSC, ensure transparency and meritocracy, and punish those involved in leaking CSS papers.


Wahi Pandhi, February 26.