Bahawalpur -Parliamentary Secretary Human Rights Punjab and PTI leader Mahendra Pal Singh has said that all minorities living in Pakistan are completely free to lead their lives according to their religious beliefs.

“We are grateful to Imran Khan for protecting rights of minorities.

Addressing a ‘Holi’ event held at SD High School, Mahendra Pal Singh said that the Modi government of India celebrated the Holi festival with blood of Muslims, but the PTI government, along with its Hindus, celebrated the festival of happiness with love. This vision was given by Imran Khan.

544 contract employees regularized

544 contract employees of grade 1 to 18 of Islamia University Bahawalpur have been regularized.

These employees have been made permanent under the Punjab Regularization Act 2018.

The decision triggered a wave of rejoicing among university employees and they paid tribute to Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Athar Mehboob and the syndicate members for resolving the pending issues.