OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE Three top bars of the country on Monday condemned the US attack in Abbottabad on May 2 executing operation against Osama bin Laden and termed it a blatant assault on the sovereignty of Pakistan. The Pakistan Bar Council, the Supreme Court Bar Association and the Punjab Bar Council have also demanded a complete inquiry through a commission into the Abottabad incident to bring the facts before the nation. They demanded that the president and the prime minister as well as other responsible persons in this regard should resign and the persons committing negligence be brought to the book. Addressing a press conference, PBC Vice Chairman Latif Khan Afridi, SCBA President Ms Asma Jahangir and PbBC Vice-Chairman Lahrasab Khan Gondal unanimously urged efforts to detect where the faults lay on the part of intelligence agencies of Pakistan. They said time had come to take a complete stock of the situation and know shortcomings and weaknesses. In 1971, we lost East Pakistan, and persons responsible for Dhaka debacle could not be called to account as the Hamoodur Rehman Commission report did not see the sun. Next was the Kargil, whose facts and background are also not known to the masses as yet, they added. The leaders called for setting up a commission comprising former judges of the superior judiciary on Abottabad attack and that a transparent and fair report be prepared on the findings of the inquiry. They also called for framing a national policy involving military and judicial leadership to deal with Abottabad-like incident in the future. Expressing their reservations over the method of appointment of judges, they said, the consultation with the Bar should also be made a part of it. Intelligence agencies are inclined to character assassination of lawyers, they said with reference to elevation of to the High Court wherein lawyers as they believed were ignored last time on the basis of agencies reports. Afridi said solidarity of the country was at stake in the present situation. So far over 70,000 people have been killed only in Khyber Pakhtookhwa and the time has come for the agencies accountability. He said secret agencies in any country act like eyes and ears of a nation, but the Abottabad incident has exposed the inefficiency of these agencies. He said if the incident had taken place in a civilised state, the persons committing negligence would have resigned voluntarily over Abbottabad incident. But in ours nothing of that sort is in practice as the men at helm of the affairs do nothing but beating about the bush, he said and added that the solutionlies in setting up a commission of bold persons and all facts of the same be brought to the public and culprits be called to account.