ISLAMABAD - Terming the United States covert operation on Pakistani territory to hunt down Osama bin Laden as sheer violation of the countrys sovereignty, Parliamentary Committee on National Security had proposed in-depth and comprehensive probe as how Osama bin Laden was living in the highly sensitive area of Abbottabad without the knowledge of the countrys security agencies. The committee met here at the Parliament House under the chair of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani on Monday to review the situation arising out of the US clandestine operation in Abbottabad without taking Pakistani government into confidence and its consequences on the countrys relations with America. The committee was briefed on the operation by Foreign Secretary Sulman Bashir and apprised the members of the impact of surgical operation inside Pakistan on the Pak-US relations and the overall image of the country in the community of nations. The committee has asked the Ministry of Interior to give briefing on the subject in perspective of the homeland security measures and the blatant security lapse on part of the security agencies which could not find the presence of Osama bin Laden in a big city where he reportedly stayed for several years with his family. Giving briefing to media persons after the meeting chairman of the committee Senator Mian Raza Rabbani said that all the members had strongly condemned the US operation inside Pakistan and termed it a blatant violation of the countrys sovereignty. They also flayed the US for not taking Pakistani govt into confidence on the clandestine operation. The committee had also expressed concern over the security lapse on part of countrys ace secret agencies.