LAHORE - The Bank of Punjab has recently got permission from Banking Policy and Regulations Department, State Bank of Pakistan to open 11 branches at new locations across Pakistan in 2011, says a press release. Though we have been submitting an yearly request to SBP however apart from 2007, when we were issued five new licenses, our requests to open new branches were declined by SBP. This is indeed a welcome change in SBP policy which is due to number of positive initiatives taken by the Management. We remain pledged to all around improvement and betterment of the Bank in both quantitative and qualitative terms. We endure a services oriented culture to achieve customer satisfaction with purpose driven products and efficient delivery mechanism. The BoP has a strong network of 273 branches across Pakistan, equipped with modem banking facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure. This year apart from opening new branches, BoP is continuing with renovation of many branches in both rural and urban areas of the country.