ISLAMABAD - The European Union (EU) is acting as a go-between the United States and Pakistan in bringing the two estranged key strategic allies closer in order to resume counterterrorism programme to tackle future threats from al-Qaeda. This has transpired from discussions with senior diplomats from the EU member countries at the EU reception held here on Monday. They were of the view that since Osama bin Laden is now history, therefore, the international community should not bog down in the history, and instead it should immediately get back to business in tackling threats being posed by the remnants of al-Qeada and its associates. The international community should immediately join hands with Pakistan in its counterterrroism programme as the most honourable way forward, a senior diplomat from EU delegation to Pakistan told The Nation while reacting to Prime Minister Gilanis policy statement on the Abbottabad episode. Even though some diplomats from EU member countries are still keen to wait for the probe ordered by Pakistan, majority of them was in favour of what they believed the resumption of international efforts to counter extremism and terrorism. The most serious challenge remains to be addressed, and that is the threats from other leaders of al-Qaeda and its associates to the world peace, a senior diplomat said, in reference to Osama bin Ladens killing by the US special forces by raiding his residential compound in Abbottabad on May 2. When his attention was drawn towards the fact that US had breached sovereignty of Pakistan by launching a unilateral stunning raid at Pakistani territory, he said such issues could always be addressed through diplomatic means but not at the expense of a greater global cause. Of course such issues are always become irritant, but in furthering the global cause, these issue should be considered for improving the operational capabilities for attaining the greater end, the sources said. Meanwhile, the US Embassy spokesperson declined to comment on the speech of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani saying he has yet to read the speech.