MUMBAI - Kerala's medium pacer Prasanth Parameswaran conceded 37 runs in one over in the IPL (to West Indies' Chris Gayle). But according to cricket's noted statistician, Dave Wilson, there is no limit of runs which could be made off in one over. "In theory, I don't think there is a maximum, other than that limited by time - if no balls continued to be bowled the batsman can keep scoring form the same over, though if three no-balls result from unfair bowling (Law 42) by the same bowler, the bowler would be precluded form bowling again in that innings, thereby effectively ending the over", Dave Wilson said from US. "In practise though, its unlikely that an international-class bowler will bowl no-balls or wides consistently", he further added. Prasanth Parameswaran was miles away from reaching to another bowler, who delivered a 77-run over in a first-class match, according to game's noted historian, Kersi Meher-Homji. Speaking over telephone from Sydney, where this Indian origin is based now, said: "One more such curiosity from my about to be published book Cricket Quirky Cricket (Publisher: Cricket Publishing Company) will reveal how Ber Vance of Wellington bowled a 77-run over in a first-class match in 1990". For Wellington against Canterbury in a Shell Trophy match at Lancaster Park, Christchurch on 20 February 1990, Vance deliberately conceded 77 runs in an over of full tosses which contained 17 no-balls and, owing to the umpires understandable miscalculation, only five legitimate deliveries, according to Wisden 1991.