As expected the Monday sitting of the National Assembly was stormy and turbulent but quite cleverly Interior Minister Rehman Malik dragged opposition into agitation and distracted them from getting some tangible answers from the Prime Minister to the pertinent queries raised by Ch Nisar Ali Khan about the clandestine operation of US commandos in Abbottabad. Seemed perturbed by the logical and direct hits of Ch Nisar wherein he even tacitly asked for the resignation of the Prime Minister on Abbottabad fiasco, Gilani seemed relieved when on point of personal explanation Interior Minister Rehman Malik, contrary to his otherwise diplomatic demeanour, hit below the belt and said when the matter of secret agreements with Army would come under discussion in the House then the exile deal of Sharifs with Musharraf would also brought to fore. The utterance of these words ignited the N-Leaguers who rose to their seats en masse and gathered in front chanting slogans against Rehman Malik dubbing him agent of MI6 and American agent, perhaps what Rehman Malik wanted to distract the very serious discussion to uproar and disarray. To pour oil on the fire Malik dubbed N-Leaguers as allies of Osama and referred to their relations with him in the past when on the invitation of Nawaz, Osama had landed in Pakistan and how both had hobnobbed to topple the elected government of Benazir Bhutto. A beaming smile came on the face of Prime Minister Gilani who was otherwise tense throughout the fuming but logical speech of Ch Nisar wherein he had not only pointed out follies of both military and political government but also raised a series of valid questions and asked the PM to satisfy the nation on it. After creating unrest and uproar in the House for well over 10 minutes when Opposition members were about to stage unannounced walkout Rehman Malik intended to conclude his speech but Prime Minister Gilani indicated him to continue his address to let the Opposition left the House. Even after the oppositions walkout a few MPs from FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa tried to put the debate back on track but Malik never let them speak and continued his directionless speech, obviously to consume time and avoid embarrassment to the ruling coalition. Kamran Khan, Munir Orakzai and Prince Mohiuddin kept on standing to their seats to have the attention of the chair but Deputy Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi did not allowed to the advantage of the government. Although Prime Minister Gilani delivered a very well drafted speech, highlighting the sacrifices and contributions of the Pakistan Army and secret agencies for the country and their ongoing role in the war on terror, yet he also admitted the intelligence failure and said that an inquiry commission under the head of Adjutant General Pakistan Army Lt Gen Javid Iqbal had been constituted and in the light of its findings action would be taken against the responsible persons. He also called the Joint Sitting of the Parliament on May 13 to have an in-camera briefing on the whole episode from the concerned military functionaries but their was no mention of any immediate action against anyone for this major security lapse on part of the security agencies. In response the Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Ch Nisar reminded Prime Minister Gilani of his statement that agencies were acting on his dictates and added if the government was taking the credit of good things on part of the secret agencies, they should also take responsibility of their follies and indirectly asked Premier to step down. He also opposed the in-camera briefing on the episode and said that the briefing on the subject should be meaningful and it should partly be open so that the nation could know about facts about the US operation inside Pakistan.