ISLAMABAD - Large Scale Manufacturing (LSM) posted a handsome growth of over six per cent in March 2011 over the corresponding period last year despite the ongoing power crisis and high interest rate in the country. The Federal Bureau of Statistics Monday released the latest figures, which showed that the Quantum Index Number of LSM industries stood at 237.88 points in March 2011 as compared to 222.84 points in corresponding period of last year. Meanwhile, LSM growth posted an increase of 1.71 per cent in the first nine months (July-March) of current fiscal year 2010-11 against the same period last year. According to the figures, the Quantum Index Number of LSM industries stood at 206.86 points in July-March of fiscal year 2010-11 as compared to 203.39 points in corresponding period of last fiscal year 2009-10. During the first nine months, the OCAC posted a declining trend a negative growth of 4.19 per cent while, Ministry of Industries registered positive growth of 2.78 per cent and provincial BOS index surged by 0.78 per cent. The Quantum Index Numbers (QIN) of Large Scale Manufacturing Industries has been computed in the FBS on the basis of latest production data of 100 items received from various sources ie Oil Companies Advisory Committee (OCAC), Ministry of Industries & Production and Provincial Bureaus of Statistics. The OCAC supplied the data of 11 items, the Ministry of Industries & Production supplied the data of 35 items and Provincial Bureaus of Statistics provided data for 54 items. In OCAC, the commodities showed negative growth including jet fuel oil (12.11 per cent), kerosene (24.95 per cent), motor spirit (5.83 per cent), high-speed diesel (2.10 per cent), diesel oil (35.18 per cent), furnace oil (3.61 per cent), jute batching oil (15.66 per cent), and LPG (13.24 per cent) and others petroleum products (19.71 per cent) in July-March period against the same months of 2009-10. Meanwhile in OCAC, the following products showed positive growth rate including lubricating oil (4.74 per cent) and solvent naphtha (14.68 per cent). The Ministry of Industry index registered a growth of 2.78 per cent comprising 35 main industries in QIN of LSM. The industries showing positive growth includes, sugar (26.46 per cent), cotton yarn, (1.91 per cent), cotton cloth, (0.33 per cent), Phos Fertilisers (4.94 per cent) and jeeps and cars (16.14 per cent) LCVs (23.34 per cent) and motorcycles (18.73 per cent). On the other hand, the industries showing negative growth are cigarettes (4.14 per cent), jute goods (14.44 per cent), sacking (22.58 per cent), soda ash (5.95 per cent), caustic soda (6.11 per cent) in July-March period over the corresponding month of the last year.