LAHORE (PR) - Musician FaizaMujahid announced the release of her song and first official music video for single MeriZindagi, on the 9th of May 2011 across all television and radio networks in Pakistan. Written and composed by young musician Faiza herself, MeriZindagi is perhaps a coming-of-age song for the musician and somewhat introspectively, talks to the youth, more specifically young girls, to be more independent and in decision making control of their lives; a vision driven from the musicians own personal experiences and journey of young rebellion, having constantly clashed with tradition and expectations, carving out a path for herself. The video for ''MeriZindagi sees the musician in a new avatar and has been shot in high definition, conceptualized and directed by Armughan Hassan, featuring artist and drummer MehreenMurtazaand AsmaLakhwaira on guitars. On the release of her single Faiza has said, Taking a musical hiatus after Bandeya Ho and KahanHoun Mein ended up being important for me as it gave me time and hopefully a pinch of maturity to explore my musical direction - with the release of MeriZindagi, I feel I have had a chance to express my hopes, desires and frustrations as I experienced them. My music has always been inspired by my own understandings of the world as it is and MeriZindagi is no different if anything, I hope that in its own way the song it is able to reach out to the current generation of young girls to encourage them to stand up for themselves.