ISLAMABAD - Pakistan No 2 Jalil Khan, Yasir Khan, Mudassar, Hamza-bin- Asif, Abid, Usman Rafique and Sarah Mehboob joined the PTF training camp here on Monday at the PTF Tennis Courts under the command of Indian coach Birbal Wadhera. After joining of these youngsters, the total strength of the camp now reaches at 21. Pakistan No 1 Aqeel Khan was given exemption from attending the camp. When asked about the physical fitness of the players as heat is taking its toll, the coach said: "I am very impressed with the hard work these lads are showing. They are learning fast." Meanwhile, taking serious note of the mismanagement happened during the prize distribution ceremony, PTF President Syed Kaleem Imam showed his anger and displeasure and said the persons responsible for creating trouble for the players and not awarding the agreed sum as cash prizes, will be taken to task. He further said, "We are here to improve the standard of tennis in the country but also to work for the betterment of the players, as because of these players people turn in large number to witness matches." During the fourth day of the camp, the main focus was to check the abilities of the players and find out the main faults in their techniques, coach Birbal said. "I am satisfied with the results of the camp up till now and sure with the passage of time these kids will improve and if they continue to work like this the day is not far when there will be a champion among these youngsters," he said.