ISLAMABAD - Opposition Leader in the National Assembly, Ch Nisar Ali, Monday said that Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani had failed to satisfy the nation and that the failure of intelligence agencies was actually the failure of the PM. The US action has violated the United Nations resolutions as well as Pakistans sovereignty, Ch Nisar said in his address following the Prime Ministers speech in National Assembly to take the Parliament in confidence over the US action in Abbottabad. He said the Prime Minister delivered the speech in English 'to appease his (PMs) masters. He again reiterated his demand that the President and Prime Minister should resign. Nisar demanded of the government that an in-camera session should be divided into two parts out of which one should be held in the presence of journalists as people had lost confidence on such sessions. Rejecting the investigation commission under an army official, the Opposition Leader said that an independent national commission with full authority should be formed to probe into the whole incident with timeframe of some days and added that the opposition was ready to be a part of that commission. He also put forth the questioner for the in-camera session and said that the House wanted to know how Osama bin Laden reached Abbottabad and how Pakistan helped out US to reach Osama as was stated in the official statement. People are blaming us. If Pakistan helped US then why we do not explain it, he asked. We want to know the condition of our radar system that either they were working or were jammed by the helicopters. Whole Abbottabad has to wake up on the noise of helicopters and the rulers were sleeping. What is a response time of the government and defence sector, he said. He demanded that the House should be informed about all agreement between US and Pakistan even those signed during Musharraf time. He said that the Prime Minister should say that this attack was against the international law and charter of United Nation and it was an aggression but the prime minister of a nuclear state was reluctant to say it. The Prime Minister should state that we will hit down helicopter or a fighter plane if they attacked in this way again. The Government should explain that it would go to United Nations with a stance that the attack was on the sovereignty of Pakistan and was an aggression on Pakistan. The House also demands of the government to consult UN on this aggression, he said while adding that Indian Army chief had stated that India had the power to launch such attack and if Pakistan did not put it in the UN, enemy could launch a bigger strike against Pakistan. He also demanded that the Air Chief should also be called in the Parliament as he had stated that drone could be targeted. There should be a difference between truth and lie. If you cant defend some toys, then hand these over to US, Nisar said. Nisar also came down hard on President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani and Interior Minister Rehman Malik for his statement saying that the statement from Saudi Arabia created more confusion. He said when US copters were ruining the sovereignty of the country, the political leadership was busy in political dealing.