MIRPUR (AJK) - Azad Jammu Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed cautioned that durable peace in South Asia was not possible without bettering the Pakistan-India ties at multi-levels. Majority of people in both these nuclear neighbours feel the urgency for the improvement in the relations in the region by solving all outstanding disputes including the core dispute of Jammu and Kashmir, he observed. He was addressing as chief guest at a reception held at Town Hall in Luton city of Britain late Sunday, according to an official handout issued by PID Azad Kashmir here on Monday. The reception was held in his honour by the Councillors and the Pakistan/Kashmir community members here last evening. The AJK Premier said that time has come that a serious trilateral dialogue among Pakistan, Hindustan and Kashmiris should start at various levels to let in an atmosphere of mutual approach to solve oldest Kashmir dispute. This dispute, he added, has gone extra-sensitive as unsolved Kashmir is ringed by three nuclear powers in the region, he added. Mayor Luton Mr Tom Shaw presided and suggested large scale cultural exchanges between the UK and Pakistan/AJK to promote understanding. He disclosed that his Council was preparing a comprehensive cultural exchange programme. Councillor Raja Yaqub Khan also addressed. Welcoming Tom Shaws proposal, the AJK PM said that such exchanges must be broad based to include academicians, students, tourists, IT experts, economists and environmentalists. He said that the real inhospitable phenomenon faced by the peoples in South Asia was poverty, disease, illiteracy and lack of resource management. These issues need to be addressed collectively as they in return help improve the economic conditions of the peoples which is a must for a durable peace in the region, he stated. During question-answer session, the AJK Premier told the participants that Kashmiris were by nature co-existentialists. All segments of Kashmiri society lived together in perfect peace and harmony for over 700 years. Kashmiris settled in the UK has done very good thing by integrating themselves with the cultural, economic, legal, social, electoral institutions of their host society - Great Britain, he added. Regarding economic development of AJK, he recounted a series of major measures like establishment of three universities - one for women, the other for science and technology and one for health sciences, transferring elementary teaching system to female teachers, setting up of herbal processing plants, technical education board, stating construction of 301 small/medium dams, 12 tunnels interlinking valleys, promotion of tourism including heli-tourism, etc.