PRAGUE (AFP) - A Pakistani suspected of terrorism and other crimes was detained by Czech police under an international arrest warrant at the end of April, the Czech justice ministry told AFP Monday. "Pakistani citizen Muhammad Zafar was detained by the police on April 27... and taken into custody," said Tereza Paleckova, spokeswoman for the ministry. She added Pakistan had issued the arrest warrant for "sexual crimes, terrorism and theft, among others," and that the Czech side was now waiting for Pakistan to send a request for extradition. Paleckova said the Czech Republic would release Zafar if it did not receive the request "within 40 days following the arrest." "Besides, we cannot say if the Czech Republic would actually extradite Zafar to Pakistan... it would have to reckon with the fact that Pakistan has a death penalty," which could prevent the extradition under the Czech law, she added.