KARACHI - Twice in seven days the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has established its writ by demanding explanation from those players and officials who were in its employ and who had breached the code of conduct by publicly speaking on official issues related to the PCB. The PCB was quick in demanding and explanation from ODI skipper Shahid Afridi who immediately after his return from the West Indies on Sunday had criticized coach Waqar Younis for interfering in the selection of the team. The PCB issued a brief media release on Monday morning in which it had asked the captain to explain his behaviour. Pakistan Cricket Board took notice of the statements made by Shahid Afridi in the media about the differences within the tour management in West Indies. It stated that it was a violation of code of conduct on part of Afridi and asked him to explain reasons to make such statements publicly. PCB has announced that it will take appropriate action against the skipper after submission of the tour-report at the conclusion of the tour which is expected to be over some time this month. This is second time in a week that the PCB has put its foot down to pull up its employees who had breached the conditions of their employment and contract. Only a week ago the PCB asked national chief selector former Test player Mohsin Hasan khan to cancel a media conference in which he was to announce his resignation from the selectors panel in protest against changes made in the team selected by the selectors for the two tests against the West Indies. Mohsin Hasan Khan who is employed by the PCB at monthly pay of Rs. 2.5 lakh , took no time to retract his decision to address the media briefing and even went to meet the PCB chairman Ejaz Butt who had asked him to come to the cricket board headquarters and explain his position. On the morning of the day when Mohsin Hasan khan was to speak to the media about his resignation, the PCB issued a media release in which it reminded the chief selectors his responsibilities as an employee of the PCB and told him frankly that he would breach the code of conduct if he went ahead with his plan to meet the media without taking prior permission of the PCB. Wisdom prevailed over Mohsin Hasan Khan and he immediately cancelled his media briefing which he had decided to hold at Karachi Club. The media friends of Mohsin were at the Karachi Club in large numbers to lend a helping hand to the former test opener against the PCB but when Mohsin did no turn up for the event. Usually when a media briefing is cancelled or postponed the organizers make it sure that they were there to explain the reason for the postponement. Mohsin did apologise to some of the media people close to him but majority of them were not aware of the causes that forced Mohsin to call off the briefing. Shahid Afridi speaking to the media on his return on Sunday had criticized coach Waqar Younus for interfering in team selection. He had said he would take up the matter with the PCB. Afridi had said that every one should do his job and not interfere in others work. In recent times the PCB had decided to be strict in imposing its writ and when ever he had found people under contract or its employment breaching the contract, it was quick to retaliate and demand explanation.