Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Monday that the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz became orphan after Osama bin Laden died, reported a TV channel. Malik claimed that PML-N received funding from Osama bin Laden, whereas it also provided treatment to the wounded Al-Qaeda chief. Speaking at the National Assembly, Malik said the Opposition Leader Ch Nisars claim that the government was sleeping while bin Laden operation was baseless. Malik informed that he had phoned DIG Abbottabad and the prime minister about the incident. He also said that orders have been issued for investigation of the Abbottabad operation. Malik alleged that PML-N had embraced Osama bin Laden and was responsible for bringing Osama bin Laden from Egypt to Pakistan for his treatment. He further said those talking against the ISI and the army were accomplices of the Al-Qaeda chief. Agencies add: Interior Minister Rehman Malik told an Arab satellite TV on Monday he knew of the US raid which killed Osama bin Laden only 15 minutes after its launch but had no idea of the target. I was made aware of the operation 15 minutes after it started, the minister told Al-Arabiya channel in an interview, but he was unaware of the target. Helicopter-borne US commandos carried out a raid lasting less than 40 minutes, killed bin Laden and took away his body from a mansion near a military facility outside Islamabad on May 2. Malik stressed there was permanent cooperation in the security field between Islamabad and Washington, despite US concerns about the reliability of their key ally in the war on terror. Speaking to Arab News about the much-talked-about failure of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) to locate the terror mastermind who supposedly stayed in his Abbottabad hideout for five years, the minister admitted: It was an intelligence failure. Sometimes it happens, but I assure our allies that he was not being protected by any government agency. He said that 9/11 also happened due to intelligence failure. Not only 9/11, I can cite dozens of other incidents the world over in which spy agencies failed to see terrorists designs, which led to attacks. That does not mean that those agencies protected terrorists. Malik ruled out the possibility of anyone, either from the political leadership or from the military top brass, stepping down for the intelligence failure. Why would anyone resign? How many people resigned after 9/11 in the US? No heads will roll in Pakistan in the aftermath of bin Ladens killing in Abbottabad, he said, adding: This is not the time for blame game but rather to be introspective, to find out the holes and plug them. Malik denied reports that ISI chief Shuja Pasha was in the US to meet his counterpart and explain the situation and reassure America about Pakistans resolve to fight terrorism. No way. I assure you Shuja Pasha is in Pakistan doing his duty. The minister, however, admitted that there was a trust deficit between the US and Pakistan which sometimes fuels theories. Taking a swipe at the US, the minister said: Let me ask those who are blaming us for bin Ladens presence in our country one simple question: Who created bin Laden and sent him to fight Russians? We never invited him to Pakistan. He went there with hundreds of other Arab fighters to wage a jihad against Russian forces, and the world knows who supported those jihadists, he added. During the Russian occupation of Afghanistan, the US intelligence agency CIA reportedly supported and funded the jihadists. Asked about the fate of bin Ladens family members detained from the Abbottabad compound, the minister said: They are in our custody, but I will not reveal their whereabouts and will also not share with the media their exact number. Asked about the whereabouts of Indian mafia don, a chief suspect in 1992 Mumbai bomb blasts, Dawood Ibrahim, the minister denied having any information. Asked what would be Pakistans reaction if India also carried out an operation similar to that of the US on Pakistani soil to take out Dawood, Malik said: We will give India a befitting reply.