ISLAMABAD - It was hard to believe that Pakistan hockey team has lost his second match in the trout to Australia after having been beaten by England in the earlier match of the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup currently being played in Malaysian city of Ipoh. After beating two of the weaker opponents, New Zealand and South Korea, they were brought down to earth by England with a 3-2 victory and now they have been completely outplayed and out-muscled by the mighty Australians. Watching Pakistan playing with Australians it was looking as the boys are playing against men. Australia outplayed Pakistan in all departments of the game. The margin 5-1 could have easily been much embarrassing had the Aussies availed their entire goal scoring opportunities. If the team keeps on bringing results like this and keep on ending without any medals, then what is the purpose of having such an expensive coach who takes Rs two million every month while on the other hand top Pakistani players are not even earning in thousands per month. A country like Pakistan which takes huge loans from different international organizations to run the affairs of the country and pay half of the country's budget to return the interest of these loans, how can they afford to keep continuing with the Dutch coach whose only achievement in the last two years or so is to guide Pakistan hockey team to gold medal in the Asian Games against a very weak opposition Malaysia having been beaten by the arch-rival, India, in the pool matches. Had India in the final, the result could have been different. Anyhow Micheal Vander Heuvel is serving nothing to Pakistan hockey. It will be far better to hire a Pakistani coach, as this will help the players to understand the language easily in addition to many other benefits to the hockey team. Pakistan is blessed with so many great players those can help in bringing back the old glory days of Pakistan hockey. What was the reason of appointing this Dutch coach as he has failed to serve the Pakistani hockey indeed the PHF president and secretary must have to give the answer as why was a more than average coach was hired for Pakistan hockey team, and whose interests were served after his hiring. This gentleman doesn't even bother to come to Pakistan and instead of convincing him to come to Pakistan, the team management is engaged in defending his decision. By looking closely to the state of affairs of all sporting fields one thing is clear that Pakistan is fast losing its grip on all the international events as almost all the federations and associations are being headed by the persons who don't know anything about the particular sports. They were heading their respective associations just because of their political influence which has cost Pakistani sports dearly. Hockey is the national game of Pakistan, but the high-ups have always treated this game step-motherly. The players who have given their all to keep the national flag fluttering around the world were never given the due respect. Most of them were even jobless and were earning bread and butter for their families by only playing hockey. No one can expect consistent results unless the players are provided maximum facilities. If the PHF wants to repeat same kind of results then they can easily achieve it through a local coach without paying much. A lot of precious national exchequer has been wasted on this coach. It will be far better for the PHF to immediately sack this coach and acquire the services of former greats like Akhtar Rasool, Shehnaz Sheikh, Islahuddin, Samiullah, Hasan Sardar and many more who will be more than willing to serve their country in any capacity. It is the duty of Qasim Zia, being the President of Pakistan Hockey Federation, to take steps, which will help Pakistan hockey not the individuals. The Pakistan hockey's fortunes can only be revived through proper planning and providing all the due facilities to the players and the officials otherwise all the achievements made by the past greats will only be remembered as history and no one from the new generation even think about playing hockey.