ISLAMABAD: A petition seeking constitution of a high-powered commission to investigate the US military operation in Abbottabad killing Osama bin Laden was filed in the Supreme Court on Monday. The petition was filed by Tariq Asad advocate under Article 184(3) of the constitution making the federation, the ministries of Interior, Defence and Foreign Affairs, Minister of Interior, Director Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Military Secretary to the Chief of Army Staff and Pakistans Ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani as respondents in the case. The petitioner prayed the court to direct the respondents to submit complete list of visas issued to the Americans with their names, mode and place of issuance, and order the authorities concerned to tell whether the visas had been issued in accordance with the law. He also prayed that respondents be directed to place full record of land allotted to the US Embassy and addresses of residences and offices of Americans other than those in the diplomatic area. Tariq sought direction to the respondents to eject the Americans from Tarbela, Ghazi Base and other centres they were spying on. It asked the court to direct respondents to restrict the movement of Americans and all diplomats to the diplomatic areas. It also pleaded the court to restrain the respondents from handing over the wives, children and colleagues of Osama bin Laden to other countries and investigate and try them in Pakistan, if need be. Tariq Asad stated that the services of Hussain Haqqani should be terminated and he should be called back immediately as he was acting against the state interests. He stated that the US operation in Abbottabad has violated the fundamental rights of the citizens and if the interim relief is not granted, the petitioner and the public may suffer an irreparable loss. The petition mentioned that Senate, National Assembly and different bar associations have passed resolutions condemning the Abbottabad operation, besides demanding holding of a judicial inquiry. The petitioner stated that, according to cabinet sources, the government has decided not to conduct inquiry of any kind at any level whatsoever on the shameful Abbottabad incident to find out those responsible for intelligence failure. The applications states that credible Foreign Office sources say that this attitude of the Zardari-led Gilani government is also under American pressure that there was no need now to find out how the Pakistan intelligence agencies and intelligence system failed to monitor Osama or detect the arrival, operation and departure of US helicopters and other aircraft. The petition asked the court to determine whether or not the US operation was in derogation of law of the land and provisions of International Law. It also raised questions, Are the forces of any foreign country are entitled to conduct raid and fire on any person inside Pakistan, and kill the citizens or any person without due process of law? Whether issuance of visas to the foreigners without undergoing formal procedure and clearance by the Inter Services Intelligence is not against law and prejudicial to the security of Pakistan? Whether a foreign country like US may press Pakistan to issue show cause notice to the ISI?