OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Speakers at a seminar here on Monday condemned the US operation in Abbottabad as naked aggression. They called upon the saner elements in Obama administration to respect Pakistans sovereignty and desist from any such action in the future that may further affect Pak-US relations. The participants called for an independent inquiry into the intelligence and air defence lapses, the 7,000 Pakistani visas issued to the Americans that led to huge CIA penetration into Pakistan, lack of coordination amongst state institutions and poor performance of the political leadership at this hour of national crisis. The seminar had been organised by the Pakistan Institute of National Affairs. The participants urged the nation to foil all US attempts of creating misunderstandings between the civilians and the armed forces/intelligence system. They hoped that the anger and frustration of the people would subside when those at the helm of affairs quit at their conscience call. They said the parliament should effectively oversee national security, regulate the institutions of Defence Committee of the Cabinet (DCC), Defence Council and the functioning of the national intelligence setups. The participants demanded formulation of a National Security Policy/strategy to meet the security related challenges, dismantling of CIA covert network in Pakistan and keeping American military presence in Pakistan to minimum. It was agreed that the parameters of Pak-US relations be redefined to protect our national interests. The seminar was presided by eminent lawyer and former Punjab governor Shahid Hamid and addressed by legislators, defence analysts, national security experts, columnists, intellectuals and members of civil society. Hamid said the nation was in a state of shock and distress, hence concrete steps be taken to address their concerns about Indian threat of surgical operation and security of strategic installations. He emphasised that our media should protect the state institutions despite their failures and instead highlight the shortcomings and double standards of the Americans. He suggested that the visas granted to CIA/Foreign Security Contractors should not be extended and except for essential Americans, all others be asked to leave the country. Altaf Hasan Qureshi, secretary general PINA, made a passionate appeal to the people to understand the US designs. The Abbottabad operation, he said, was aimed to create a cleavage between the people and Armed forces and keep the ISI under pressure. He said the CIA was targeting the military and ISI leadership to further their interests in Pakistan. He emphasised internal accountability to restore public confidence on key national security institutions. He said it was a point to ponder that the CIA and RAW chiefs were never removed for 9/11 and 26/11 (Mumbai) incidents respectively. Senator SM Zafar suggested that the exit of those held responsible should be voluntary or through internal accountability. He proposed that Pakistan should initiate dialogue with the Pakistani Taliban to restore peace in the country. Vice Admiral (r) Javed Iqbal, Central Vice President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf stated that the US operation displayed complete failure of our political, military and intelligence infrastructure. He specially questioned the efficiency of the Interior Ministry, which also had a role in the intelligence system. Brig (r) Imran Malik, former Defence Attach in Australia/New Zealand, stressed that it was the responsibility of political leadership to provide higher direction of war to the armed forces.