A professor of the IMCB G-10/4 has been issued a warning for his alleged satirical text messages, which were assumed to be ridiculing the director model colleges of Federal Directorate of Education (FDE).

An emergency meeting of the presidents and general secretaries of all the local units of Islamabad Model Colleges (IMCs) was convened on Saturday at the association office set up at a college over the issuance of a so-called advisory letter to a senior professor by the director model colleges. After a detailed discussion, the meeting unanimously and strongly condemned the most unbecoming and uncalled-for action of the director model colleges. The participants of the meeting noted with concern that the background of this advisory notice flashes back to two years’ time when this senior professor supervised the elections of the Central Academic Staff Association (CASA) in the capacity of the election commissioner. There are apprehensions that it may have come in the backdrop of the event when the teaching community of 20 IMCs passed a resolution with the signatures of more than 1000 faculty members (99% of the total strength) against Tariq Masood, the then director model colleges, declaring him the “nexus of all the mess” in IMCs. A strike was also observed against him in December 2013 demanding his removal. The then secretary CA&DD intervened and accepted all the demands including his removal. However, Tariq Masood managed his comeback at the same post.

CASA alleged that now Masood is pursuing his habitual policy of victimisation. CASA has conveyed the concerns of the teaching community time and again to the higher authorities that appointments in IMC’s should only be made through seniority and merit but these so far seem unheard and the least responded to. Teaching community once again requested the CADD high-ups to take note of the situation and remove Masood from the post of director model colleges.