Islamabad - Ameer Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that the way the terms of the IMF are being accepted, there was a possibility that it may ask for the office of the Prime Minister. Talking to the media after attending the Senate session on Thursday, he said that practically an IMF government had been set up. 

Now, everything would be done by the IMF while we would be watching helplessly, he said. The JI chief said that in the past, the IMF forced our government to accept its demands. However, he said, the present government had inducted IMF people in high positions and thus, the Fund had taken full control of the country’s economy. He said that the new economic team could devalue the rupee as much as it desired and there would be none to check it.

He said that the devaluation would inevitably result in the steep rise in the amount of loans for the country.  Sirajul Haq said that on one hand, the government was sucking the blood of the people in the name of Tabdeeli and on the other hand, the people were being asked to bear with patience.  The country had not experienced such a tyrant government in its history, he stated. He said that the people were starving while the rulers are giving them the good news that the IMF grant had been approved.

He said that the masses had rejected the fresh raise in the POL prices due to which it had become difficult for them to have Sehri and Iftari even. The JI chief appealed to the philanthropists in the society to take care of the needy in and around them and share Serhi and Iftari with them to be able to earn Allah Almighty’s pleasure. He also urged the traders and businessmen to stop undue profiteering in food items to facilitate the deserving people.