ISLAMABAD  - Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar has said after successful negotiations with International Monmetary Fund (IMF) on the fourth and fifth reviews, his priority would now be rehabilitation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) and flood affected people.

The successful negotiations with the IMF on the fourth and fifth reviews, he said, bore testimony to the government’s better economic performance, which also augur well for the economic well being of the country and its people.

“After concluding this task which paved the way for release of US$ 1.1 billion to Pakistan, I would focus on rehabilitation of flood affected people and IDPs, which was also on priority list of the PML-N government,” the minister in a message received here from Dubai on Sunday. He said he was looking forward to the Donors Conference on November 11 which was aimed to generate funds for the benefit of flood victims and the large number of IDPs, who needed the government’s attention to turn over a new lease of life. He said he would personally review arrangements for the all important event at a high level meeting on Monday at the Finance Ministry.

The minister said he hoped for a positive outcome of the conference as the international community was well aware of the economic crunch that Pakistan was facing due to the displacement of thousands of people owing to the war on terror, especially the ongoing anti-terror operation. Pakistan, he said, had been waging the war on terror not only for its own security but also for the cause of humanity, “so they do realize they have an obligation to assist us.” The floods, he added, had only added to the economic woes and Pakistan indeed required a helping hand from the donors to rehabilitate the affected people. Meanwhile, the Economic Affairs Division here on Sunday gave final touches to the arrangements for the conference to be held on Tuesday.

Finance Minister Dar was expected to arrive in Islamabad late Sunday evening after leading the Pakistan team at the talks with the IMF Mission.