LAHORE - Following the teachings of Allama Iqbal, all the national leaders should get together for fixing the problems facing the country.

These views were expressed by speakers at a special sitting held in connection with 137th birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal at the Aiwan-i-Karkunaan-i-Tehreek-i-Pakistan on Sunday with Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust Chairman Rafique Tarar in the chair.

Rafique Tarar in his presidential address observed that Pakistan enjoyed a unique geographical position. Being the one and only nuclear Muslim state, it is impossible for its enemies to subjugate it.

He added that enemies of Pakistan who could not dare to weaken it with force, making bids to weaken it internally on the political, cultural and journalistic fronts, spawning thereby political instability and terrorist activities.

Tarar remarked that clinging to the democratic process could ensure our survival and a respectable place among the comity of nations. The entire national leadership should jointly resolve all the issues facing the country.

Delivering welcome address, NPT Vice Chairman Prof Rafique Ahmad remarked that Allama Iqbal gave the message of unity and cooperation not only to the Muslims of the sub-continent, but also to the Muslims living across the globe.

Former Sindh chief minister and veteran Muslim Leaguer Syed Ghaus Ali Shah addressing the ceremony said that Pakistan came into existence in the result of vision of Allama Iqbal for a separate homeland for the Muslims of the sub-continent.

He said that Allama Iqbal convinced Quaid-i-Azam to lead the Muslims of the sub-continent. All India Muslim League, which turned into Pakistan Muslim League after the creation of Pakistan and unfortunately Pakistan was dismembered by certain forces when Muslim League got divided.

Ghous said: “Nawaz Sharif has deviated from the ideology and philosophy of the Muslim League. There is a dire need to strengthen the Muslim League. I was never a close confidant of Nawaz Sharif.”

He said that Punjab should play the role of big brother and all sincere political forces always support the strong federation.

The former Sindh chief minister said: “I along with my friends continue to carry forward the mission of late Dr Majid Nizami to further spread the message of Allama Iqbal.”

Justice (r) Nasira Javed Iqbal emphasised the importance of showing veneration and reverence to all the human beings irrespective of their creed, color, language, ethnicity or sect. She said Allama Iqbal had taught the lesson of respecting the humanity.

Waleed Iqbal, grandson of Allama Iqbal, drew the attention of the participants to the importance of libraries in the country. He said that it was unfortunate that Pakistan had a total of 400 libraries only containing just 0.8 million books.

The Nazaria-i-Pakistan Trust UK President Malik Ghulam Rabbani Awan recalled the old days when late Dr Majid Nizami told him to run the afore-said forum.

He said that there was a dire need to act upon the message of Allama Iqbal, as reciting the verses of his revolutionary poetry would not help us.

Shahid Rasheed, NPT Secretary, said that philosophy and teachings of Allama Iqbal were still leading the nation into the right direction. He remarked that message of Allama Iqbal had motivated the Muslims of India for launching a struggle for a separate homeland.

Later, a participant of the ceremony presented the portrait of late Dr Majid Nizami to Rafique Tarar, while another participant presented portrait of Allama Iqbal.

Prominent among the guests on this occasion include, Dr Ajmal Niazi, Khushnood Ali Khan, Saeed Aasi and Sahibzada Sultan Ahmed Ali.