Rawalpindi - The massive corruption in National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), Passport and Immigration Department and Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) have been going unchecked as yet another Pakistani national managed to obtain two fake computerised national identity cards (CNICs) and two fake passports within five months after paying hefty bribe to the officials of the three departments and got Canadian visa from embassy in Islamabad.

The Pakistani national caught flight for Canada from Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad (BBIIA) in 2005 without being detected in any scanner of authorities concerned and reached Canada, something seeking strong attention of federal minister for interior and other high-ups of sensitive agencies and BBIIA authorities. Later, the fraudster got Canadian nationality on the base of fake documents.

In 2007, the fraudster was offloaded from a Canada-bound flight at BBIIA, handed over to passport cell and declared blacklisted but once again some black sheep in FIA gave him clean-chit after receiving bribe.

Interestingly, the fraudster with the help of corrupt officials of NADRA had shown a young boy of Rawalpindi as his son in his data owned by NADRA apparently to show himself a resident of Rawalpindi, an attempt to throw mud into the eyes of authorities concerned.

The fraudster, whose real name is Muhammad Asif, a resident of Meera, Kharyanwala, district Gujrat, obtained two fake CNICs and passports with two different names within record time period of five months with the help of corrupt officials in NADRA and passport and immigration department and got Canadian nationality, a well-placed source disclosed to The Nation on Wednesday while providing this newspaper all the copies of fake CNICs , passports and the copies of black-list and clearance chit of FIA.

According to sources, Asif was issued first CNIC (61101-5963029-3) with name of Azhar Bhatti son of Muhammad Arif (date of birth 25/02/1980) by NADRA in 2005.

The fraudster then applied for machine readable passport (MRP) on the fake CNIC which was also issued to him on 22/6/2005 bearing number MRP-AC-3170291, tracking number 10101028908 and booklet number A-0726031, the sources added.

Azhar Bhatti (whose real name was M Asif) applied for visa in Canadian embassy in Islamabad. However, Azhar was not granted visa by Canadian embassy, source asserted.

Then Azhar approached an agent who suggested him to make another passport with fake name if he wanted to obtain Canadian visa, sources said and added that Asif once again applied for CNIC in NADRA headquarters and unfortunately he was issued another CNIC (61101-9333816-7) with name of Javed Moshin Khan son of Anwar Ullah Sheikh (date of birth 29/10/1978), resident of house number 2102, street number 28, I-8/3, Islamabad (permanent) and house number 2462, street number 16, Mohalla Hukamdad, Rawalpindi (temporary address).

On November 2, 2005, the sources said passport and immigration department issued yet another passport to the fraudster bearing number MRP-EC-4108161, tracking number 10101049711 and booklet number A1358313. The sources added that the fraudster again applied for visa in Canadian embassy by proving this new fake passport which was also granted to him and he flew to Canada from BBIIA. Interestingly, neither FIA nor immigration department detected this blunder.

Sources further informed that Javed Moshin Bhatti returned to Pakistan to meet his parents and relatives in 2007. Sources said that this time his luck did not work and he was offloaded from a Canada-bound flight (PK-718) on December 18, 2007 upon his departure at BBIIA by some honest FIA officers and he was handed over to FIA passport cell for investigation.

During investigations, it was revealed that he had also owned another CNIC and passport with name of Azhar Bhatti son of Muhammad Arif. The matter was sent for further probe. In the meanwhile, the accused was blacklisted, sources asserted.

Sources claimed that once again the accused paid hefty bribe to FIA officers who deleted his first passport (with name of Azhar Bhatti) from record without verification and declared his second fake passport (he got with name of Javed Moshin Khan) as correct.

The dishonesty and influence of bribe in FIA and Passport Cell could be gauged from the fact that the then In-charge Black List Section Passport Headquarters Assistant Director Saeed Ahmed on May 13, 2008 wrote a letter (DD/FIA/IMMGN/2007/7858) to Directorate General Immigration and Passports (BL Cell) and 11 others departments including All Pakistan Passports and Visa Issuing Authorities at home and abroad with subject “Removal of the name Javed Moshin Khan s/o Anwar Ullah Sheikh from Blacklist”. The letter, copy of which also available with The Nation, reads as: “It has been decided to remove the name of following individual from blacklist under Category “B” for further passport facilities. The particulars are mentioned below: (Here both names, CNICs and Passports numbers of M Asif were written as per mentioned in this news report). It is, therefore, requested that the name of abovementioned individual may be deleted from blacklist record under intimation to this directorate general.”

Here NADRA once again played a trick to favour the fraudster by showing a young boy namely Muhammad Bashir Ahmed son of Javed Mohsin Khan (CNIC number 37405-7192671-5), a resident of Mohalla Hukamdad, as son of Javed Mohsin Khan in NADRA record. Sources said this step was taken to show Javed Mohsin Khan as resident of Rawalpindi in record.

The sources informed that Mohsin applied for passport renewal in 2010 from Canada and his passport was renewed till 2015.

The FIA Rawalpindi Zone Director Inam Ghani, however, when contacted by this scribe for his comments, denied that any person had flown from BBIIA to Canada on fake passport. He, however, asked this scribe to share the passport numbers and names of the person with him, which were sent via SMS to the director.