LAHORE - As supply of fresh crop has started to come in the difference of open market and Sunday Bazaars rates is narrowing because,  the rates of vegetables and fruits sold in Sunday bazaars are almost the same as in the open market. This puts a big question mark on the performance of the government, which had set up these makeshift markets with a view to providing relief to the public. A visit to the Sunday bazaar revealed that the prices of most fruits and vegetables were the same as in the open market; and even if some items were cheaper, their quality was questionable. Though a few products were available in Sunday bazaars at cheaper rates than in the open market, the majority of commodities were actually being sold at higher prices there.

The prices of lady finger, bitter gourd, potato, tomato, cucumber, cauliflower and onion were almost the same in both Sunday bazaars and the open market. Similarly, tomatoes were available for Rs45-50 per kilogram in both Sunday bazaars and the open market.

Onions were sold for Rs25 per kilogram in Sunday bazaars while their price was Rs25-30 per kilogram in the open market. However, some products such as ginger and garlic were available at lower prices in Sunday bazaars as compared with the open market. It was also observed that the vendors did not allow the buyers to sort out and pick fruits and vegetables of their choice. Customers at the Islam Pura Sunday Bazaar said that there was no difference between rates of the open market and government-established Sunday bazaars. They said that the government only wasted its energies and resources in establishing Sunday bazaars. The Punjab government always invests in useless ventures.

There is no need for such bazaars where the prices are the same as in the open market. On this Sunday Cabbage price was fixed at Rs50 per kg but it was being sold at Rs45 per kg outside Sunday Bazaars, while price of cauliflower was fixed at Rs48 and being sold at Rs 60 per kg. Turnip was fixed at Rs 50 per kg, carrot local at Rs 42 per kg, and carrot china at Rs 73 per kg, radish at Rs 23 to 25 per kg, and methi at Rs 49 to 53 per kg. Lemon Chinese was fixed at Rs60 per kg but was offered by venders at Rs100 per kg.

Potato price was further reduced and fixed at Rs61 per kg and the price of onion was also went down by Rs 5 per kg, fixed at Rs 25 per kg. Prices of Green chilli was fixed at Rs60 per kg but sold at Rs65 per kg. Ladyfinger price was fixed at Rs50 per kg, but not available while biter gourd price was fixed at Rs46 per kg which was also missing at Sunday bazaars.