LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq has said that a change in the country cannot be brought by feudal lords, capitalists, extortionists or the parties establishing family rule.

Addressing a party gathering on Sunday, the JI chief said that the change could be brought only by those who had the will to live and die for this country. He added that Pakistan had been a greatest blessing for the Muslims of the sub continent but the self-centered rulers had turned into a house ridden with poverty, price spiral, ignorance and disease.

“A big chunk of the population is forced to live below poverty level. Children are dying of hunger in Thar but the rulers are unmoved,” he regretted.

Siraj said that if the masses continued to follow the dictum of lesser evil and the bigger evil, there could not be a change in the country. It was the time when the masses must rise up to bring the change in the corrupt and flawed system, he added.

The JI chief further recalled the ideology of Quaid-i-Azam that if the Muslims wanted to live with honour, the only way open to them was to live and die for Pakistan and lay down their lives for principles.

Siraj said that the JI gathering on November 21 would mark the beginning of a movement for the completion of the Pakistan movement, adding that the heirs of the Pakistan Movement martyrs would also attend the congregation.