PESHAWAR : After the split between the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the Amir of its Mohmand Agency chapter Umar Khalid Khurrasani, Wali Muhammad, the militant outfit on Sunday appointed a new head for the agency. On behalf of the TTP’s shura, we announce a new in-charge of Mohmand Agency, Commander Mansoor Mohmand,” newly appointed TTP spokesman Muhammad Khurrasani said.

He said all Mujahideen in association with the TTP were obliged to wage Jehad under the command of Commander Mansoor Mohmand in the region.

Wali Muhammad alias Umar Khalid Khurrasani had parted ways with the TTP after developing differences with the leadership over holding peace talks with the government.

He had also announced his new group, Jamaatul Ahrar, which claimed to have support of key former TTP commanders on its list of shura.

The appointment of a new TTP chief meant that the TTP and Jamatul Ahrar would now likely be in conflict with each other as Umar Khalid Khurrasani has always claimed to be the chief of all Taliban in the agency.

He has also proved to be a strong commander since his rise by establishing Lal Masjid in Safi Tehsil. The new TTP structure under Mansoor Mohmand would be facing a tough challenge from the Khurrasani Taliban fighters who had broken away from the Mullah Fazlullah-led group.