As per a report by the Indian news organisation NDTV, 77 persons have been arrested in India's Uttar Pradesh (UP) state within the last two days of the Supreme Court's verdict on the Ayodhya issue.

It is being said that the 77 arrested, using their social media profiles, were trying to incite communal violence by their activity on social media websites. The posts they had made on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube had been screened by authorities, which was what got them arrested.

In the UP capital Lucknow, the police shared that they had registered 34 cases, and that the police department's social media monitoring wing was on high alert to ensure no communal violence breaks out. As of Sunday, action has been taken against 8,275 posts, with 4,563 of these posts being identified on Sunday.

India has a history of violent communal riots, which depending on the context, have targeted Dalits, Sikhs, Muslims, and other religious and ethnic communities.

Although the police have not identified the demographic backgrounds of the arrested 77, it is possible they belong from both Muslim and Hindu communities in India, both of which had a stake in the Ayodhya case.