LAHORE - The Pak Armys reaction to the recent cross-border bombardment by the NATO forces has opened new avenues for the govt to rethink the policy, as serious efforts are afoot to make the war against terror subservient to the conditionalities deemed necessary by Pakistan. According to important government sources, the hot pursuit by the NATO forces into the Pakistani territory was not a surprise given the continuous drone strikes, a reality mostly ignored. But the govt circles are now mulling ways and means to make Pakistans conditions the priority in the war against terror. Naturally, the death of Pakistani soldiers in the NATO strike had generated strong reaction in Army, and resultantly, the top brass decided in favour of suspending supplies to the allied forces, the first move independent of the US pressure during the last nine years of war. It shocked the Pentagon and the NATO, as the NATO forces chief in Afghanistan offered apology despite his earlier stance of not doing so and more strikes into Pakistan. And the US Ambassador in Islamabad also followed suit. It forced the top govt officials and the parliamentarians to analyse the anxiety shown by the Americans. They reached the conclusion that it was the time to further the countrys interests. In this context, the issue of drone strikes may be debated in the Parliament, although even the military circles are observing a mysterious silence over the matter. One should not forget that it is yet to be disclosed what kind of agreement Musharraf had developed over the unending drone attacks. The nationwide reaction has rubbished the US hypothesis that the Pakistan has no option to control the situation according to its own advantage. Future would decide whether the govt and the parliamentarians are successful in utilising the golden opportunity to stop the drone attacks forever.