SADIQABAD - Following the recent unjustified increase in petroleum prices, the transporters have illegally increased up to 50 percent fares and started fleecing the poverty and loadshedding-hit people here. On the other side, the traffic police have failed in taking action against them for overcharging in spite of a lot of public complaints. In addition, the commuters who protest overcharging are humiliated by conductors and other staff. However, passengers demanded that the owners of vans, buses, coaches and other public transport vehicles should display fare lists in their vehicles in order to avoid inconvenience during journey. In the wake of everyday rise in petroleum prices by the government, the transporters reportedly in connivance with the traffic police have increased fares without approval by the authorities concerned and started overcharging in approximately all the roots in district Rahim Yar Khan. The owners including of air conditioned coaches have increased fares of Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad and Sargodha etc from Sadiqabad up to 50 percent because of Railways crisis. Moreover, abasing commuters by the transporters has become order of the day. People from all walks of life have appealed to the district coordination officer to make the transporters affix lists of fixed fares by the government in their vehicles and charge fare accordingly. They also demanded strict action against those who fleece passengers.