LAHORE - The All Pakistan Muslim League has urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take a sue moto notice of Rs 1.75 billion alleged embezzlement by Punjab government in the name of dengue spray in the province. Addressing a press conference at party office on Sunday, APML Secretary General Fawad Chaudhry demanded that Federal Investigation Agency should be deputed to investigate embezzlement in the name of fake spray in Punjab, while, Public Accounts Committee of Punjab Assembly should seek details of spray from the Punjab government. He questioned that whether the Chief Minister was an alien creature who was capable to run 14 ministries at a time. Fawad said that till now, the Punjab government has disbursed approximately Rs 1.75 billion to culminate dengue virus but it seemed the culmination spray has helped dengue spread, as according to experts, dengue could be eliminated from South Asia with the quantity of spray campaign, which has been done in Lahore alone. He claimed that the Punjab government has also admitted the fact that expected results has not been achieved from dengue spray and the spray instead of culminating the dengue growth escalated its intensity. The APML leader alleged that owing to the ill-planning of the Punjab government, educational institutes remained closed for over two weeks. He claimed that because of increased number of dengue victims, the hospital administrations in the provincial capital decreased health facilities for the patients visiting hospitals for treatment of other diseases except dengue.