LAHORE Cops investigating the execution of a heart specialist and his property dealer friend at the residence of a notorious criminal of Kamahan a few weeks ago have succeeded in exposing the desperate black sheep in police uniform. Nine policemen, including an SHO, two SIs, one ASI and five constables, did the crime of killing two innocent people just for Rs1 million, a police report has revealed. The victim included Dr. Muhammad Arshad, a resident of Ram Garh and a KEMC graduate, and his business friend from Sheikhupura, Rana Ali Hassan. Shazia Arshad, the widow of Dr. Arshad, according to this official document, submitted an application with the Old Anarkali police, maintaining that her husband and his friend were killed after being kidnapped. Dr. Arshad, who did his MBBS from King Edward Medical College in 1993 and completed his specialisation in chest complications, afterwards abandoned his profession and adopted various other occupations, including the post of a Resident Editor with a local newspaper. Later, however, he became a property dealer. The doctor purchased an 11-acre estate from Muhammad Siddique, son of Noor Khan, in 1998 in Kamahan village. Siddique is one of the accused persons in the double-murder case. We gave him Rs2.8 million. But later we came to know that the property did not belong to him. It was his aunt Rehmat Bibis. So my husband purchased the land from Rehmat Bibi against Rs1.6 million, Shazia Arshad told this scribe. According to some other sources, the same modus operandi was used by Siddique, who dodged another man (Rana Ali Hassan) of Jhelum to sell him eight acres of land. On September 8, 2011, Dr. Arshad and Rana Hassan were kidnapped from near the AG Office, in the City, as they came out of a court after attending hearing there. Shazia Arshad said that she learnt through a phone call that her husband was in Nishtar Colony polices custody. She reached there but did not find her husmand and his friend in the lock-up there, says said. She said she received another phone call and the same thing was repeated. Later, the police recovered two dead bodies with visible torture marks from the outhouse of Muhammad Sidduqe. The police progress report says that constable Suhail Ayaz (9413/C), deputed at the Nishtar Colony police station, backed by several of his colleagues, promised Siddique that they would hand over Dr Arshad and his friend to him in return for Rs1 million. According to the criminal plan, Suhail contacted his colleagues at Lytton Road and Mozang police stations and informed them about the modus operandi. Two constables Allah Ditta (17577/C) and Muhammad Zaman (21641/C) stopped car number LRA-322 a few yards from the Lytton Road police station. Chasing them, Suhail Ayaz and Siddiques driver Naseer also reached the spot and told the police that Dr. Arshad and Rana Hassan were proclaimed offenders wanted by the Nisthar Colony police, the report says. The constables directed both the future victims to sit in a private van but they insisted they be shifted to the nearby police station where their arrest should be registered. The Lytton Road SHO, ASI, Muharrar, and the Nishtar Colony investigation in-charge were informed about the incident. At this stage, the arrest of Rana Hassan was shown whereas Dr. Arshad was spared, the report further says. Later, the victims were shifted to the outhouse of Siddique where they were brutally tortured. Ultimately they died there. The autopsy report says that the deceased had severe torture marks on their elbows, faces, knees, sensitive parts, feet, bellies, backs, heads and eyes. The criminals were shifting the dead bodies, wrapped in plastic bags, when police caught them red handed. Six of them, namely Muhammad Siddique, Suhail Ayaz, Khalil, Noman, Naseer Ahmed and Muhammad Imran have been arrested.