HAVING proudly worn a dress made of meat on live TV, it would seem that Lady Gaga now prefers her animals to be alive and kicking. Which would have come of something of a relief to the owner of this bewildered ram as he became the singers latest accessory. Gaga was a guest on The Jonathan Ross Show and as she walked into the studio she was accompanied by a black and white ram called Kevin. The 25-year-old pop star then took her seat on some bales of hay to chat to her host, who had turned part of his studio into a farm for the singer. The set was in keeping with her new single You and I, which, as she explained is about a love affair with a man from Nebraska, which is a huge farming state in the US. She told her host: 'Its all about going back to his home town and in the video there is a beautiful scene in a barn. As she got settled on the hay in her mint green complete with a sky high fascinator, Ross gushed: 'I love your outfit. MO