LAHORE Before leaving, the Sri Lankan doctors who had come here to help tackle the menace of dengue fever had singled out the uncovered drains and under-progress housing colonies as the breeding beds for the growth of the fatal mosquito. They also recommended covering of all such drains, with measures to stop frequent use of water in the developing projects, sources informed TheNation. The sources further said that the Lankan team during their visits of various mosquito hot spots in the City had expressed their dissatisfaction over the overall arrangements and steps taken by the government in order to eradicate mosquito growth. They had also regretted the methods used in fogging and insecticide spraying process, the sources said and added that the Lankans had also declared that the insecticides and chemicals being used by the Punjab government for the purpose were substandard. The team members in their report had submitted to the Punjab Chief Minister had also said that the dengue mosquito could not be eradicated even in next ten years if the government failed to take preventive measures, especially making of some sound policies and laws to improve methods of cleanliness, the sources added. According to the sources, the Lankan team had also urged the authorities to remove solid waste and garbage as early as possible from the Citys roads and streets. The Lankan experts had further recommended in their report to stop import of old- and used-tyres and take stern action against the shopkeepers and dealers of these tyres. System of waste and garbage dumping is old. It is recommended to select some suitable sites for setting up new dumping sites, but these should be away from the City. Spray of insecticides at the dumping sites should be made a regular feature because existing dumping sites are the hotspots of dengue mosquito, a part of the report says. Besides, the dumping sites, the Sri Lankan team had also declared that over 40 ponds of wastewater in and around the City also was a constant threat for the citizens and they recommended to improve the sewerage system in these areas so that such ponds could be eliminated rapidly. However, Dr Saeed Elahi, Parliamentary Secretary for Health said while talking to TheNation that the government was taking solid steps, following the reports, compiled and submitted by the Sri Lankan experts and initially the government is taking strict action against the owners of tyre shops and dealers of used tyres with bounding the administrations of the under developed housing schemes to adopt preventive measures, recommended by the Sri Lankan team. He said that the teams comprising of local experts examined the open drains and ponds properly and according to their report larva was not found at any open drain of the City. However, he claimed that the government succeeded to overcome and control the epidemic converted dengue virus after a great struggle.