SIALKOT - The people residing in most of the congested residential, industrial and commercial areas of Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Uggoki, Kotli Loharaan and Pasrur were facing great ordeal owing to very low pressure of natural gas. The protesting people have expressed grave concern over this critical situation. The consumers most of the women, said that the pressure of the natural gas often remains very low from 05:00am till mid night due to which they were unable to timely prepare the breakfast , lunch and dinners. Local industrialists were of the view that this nasty situation has badly hampered the industrial activities in export-oriented Sialkot city. Reportedly, the low pressure of gas was badly irking the domestic consumers in Sialkot district. The students of the schools and colleges were going to get education without having breakfast. "Every one was living a very perturbed life now-a-days", they said. Some women said that they were sleepless during the nights as they were trying to cook the meals during that time, as these meals were to be used in mornings and evenings the next day. Seema Bibi,47, of Daska city said that she was a diabetic patient and she had to cook the meals late night while serving her family during the breakfast and in the evening as well.