American President Barack Obama has often proven himself to be somewhat of a fancy dancer when it comes to composing contradictory messages, backed up with unmistakably nasty inferences, when intended for global consumption. Yet, directly aimed at the Pakistani jugular and his recent spate of drivel, during last Thursdays much publicised news conference at the White House, was a prime example of warmongering doublespeak. Mr Obama ranted on about his number one goal being to make sure that Al-Qaeda cannot attack the US homeland and cannot affect US interests around the world. Claiming that we have done an outstanding job, I think, in going after, directly, Al-Qaeda in this border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. What he failed to mention, quite naturally as the people of Pakistan mean absolutely nothing to him seeing that they are ineligible to vote for him in the next US election, is the price Pakistan and Pakistanis have paid out, and continue to pay, in blood, sweat, guts and sheer unadulterated misery, for American 'intervention in a region they pick up and drop as it suits their own very nefarious interests that are, when it boils down to it, of a purely exploitative nature. The USA does not, it never has and never will, give a hoot for any countrys interests other than its own and when Mr Obama insists that Al-Qaeda be prevented from affecting US interest around the world he, with the amnesias he is fast becoming noted for, quite overlooked the fact that Pakistan happens to be a sovereign nation and not - although he may disagree - an American interest although he and his cohorts would certainly, reading between some dangerously messy lines, like it to be so. With our tribal regions laid waste on the altar of American imperialism and terror networks of various kinds, organised by a variety of 'controllers, creating countrywide mayhem at the drop of a hat, we, the people of Pakistan, hardly need reminding that the unholy spectre, largely if not solely created by the US itself, of Al-Qaeda is going to haunt us forever more, despite it being a totally foreign concoction foisted upon us by the US invasion, for thats exactly what it was, of our northerly neighbour Afghanistan. And, while we are at it.where is the evidence that Osama bin Laden was ever in Abbottabad at all and, if he was, then why were the 33 American Seals who, operating totally against the international laws of human rights, 'assassinated him at point blank range so conveniently 'killed in Afghanistan shortly afterward? Surely, a case of 'dead men tell no tales, if ever there was one Stirring the disgustingly smelly mess of American interference in Pakistani affairs a little more, odious as the task is, Obama further accused, during the same White House tamasha, Pakistan of 'dragging its feet in Afghanistan where his former military chief Admiral Mike Mullen accuses us of doing far too much as do the Afghans, rank and file, too To add insult to injury, he also tossed in, in answer to a journalists question: There is no doubt that were not going to feel comfortable with a long-term strategic relationship with Pakistan if we dont think that they are mindful of our interests as well. Hey, come on Mr President.why should we watch your back when you repeatedly stab us in ours? is shamefully true to say that Pakistan has been the recipient of American aid, in excruciatingly large amounts, over the years, but we have paid back every single cent, with interest, in one way or another which, of course, is not enough for the Stars and Stripes Brigade, who currently seems set on squeezing us out of existence in a three-pronged vice comprising an American controlled Afghanistan, ever adventurous India and a bubbling, with lots of heat and help, nascent Baloch independence insurgency that is in being encouraged to form a breakaway nation, a natural resource rich one, of its own with more than a little help from its 'friends. Next into the American version of Macbeths witches cauldron, along with the obligatory warty frog or whatever its modern equivalent happens to be, is the agreement between Afghanistan and India on which the ink is not yet dry and in which America played a major role in ensuring came to pass. Now, this really does have Molotov cocktail potential as far as Pakistan is concerned as neither of those countries shares a common border, unless Pakistan is demolished, demoted and shared out between the two 'brotherly nations who, with a big brotherly nudge here and another one there, appear to be moving into a position to do just this while our own armed forces and government bigwigs race around in ever-decreasing circles rattling defensive sabres, as they vainly attempt to appease all comers without losing their all-important face when, like it or not, what is actually at stake, is the sovereign nation called Pakistan. This is where.if I was militarily minded.I would stand up and shout something like too arms.too arms but.this not being the case.all I can do is rest my pen The writer is author of The Gun Tree: One Womans War (Oxford University Press, 2001) and lives in Bhurban. Email: