FAISALABAD (Online) - Former federal law minister Babar Awan Sunday said no one could postpone the Senate election and assured that the elections would be held on time. Talking to media here, he said Nawaz league always talked about democracy but at the same time wanted to escape the Senate election. Awan said that Peoples Party did not produce, sale or purchase turncoats while it was PML-Ns business which now has directed this group of turncoats (Unification bloc) to demand dissolution of the Punjab Assembly to stop PPP from gaining more Senate seats. He said it was PPPs duty to run democracy successfully in the country and 'our leadership did not believe in horse-trading. He invited Nawaz Sharif to come to the parliament, saying that N-League leadership is scared of parliament thats why it has been avoiding the parliament. He said the PML-N always tried to hide their failures. Babar said that it was the party who attacked the Supreme Court during their regime but now opposition leader Chaudhry Nisar says in Islamabad that the apex court will now play out. Awan accused that it was Punjab government which planned violent protests in central Punjab last week. He announced that High Court benches would soon be set up in Faisalabad and Sarghoda.