Pakistan needs to take a number of steps in order to steer the country out of multiple crises and set an example for the Muslim Ummah. The government must launch effective media campaign involving intellectuals and Muslim scholars from every section of society so as to bring in sectarian harmony. We should introduce, promulgate and implement strict anti-sectarian laws so as to seek a permanent end to the menace of violence in our society. We must abolish the culture of weapons especially from the Tribal Areas and troubled urban areas like Karachi; resolve regional, tribal and provincial problems in an amicable manner. We should declare illiteracy as the biggest of the internal menaces and try to bring education to the masses; improve industrial infrastructure with focus on modern manufacturing fields like communication and IT etc. Efforts must be made to grant provincial autonomy to the extent supportive for the federation of Pakistan; and evolve political consensus on important national issues like Kalabagh Dam. Only then can we progress and come out triumphant among the comity of nations. SHUMAILA RAJA, Islamabad, October 7.